How to install the LED light strip

The LED light bar refers to the special processing technology that connects the LED lamp beads on a copper wire or a band -shaped flexible circuit board FPC, or welded on the rigid circuit board PCB. That shape is named the light band. In the initial LED direct -inserted lamp bar, the LED direct -inserted lamp bead is welded on the copper line, covering the PVC tube or using the device directly. There are two types: circular and flat. The title is the number of copper lines. In order to distinguish the shape of the light bar, these two lines are called the second line, and a circle is set in front of the circle, that is, the circle is set to the second line. Add the second line of the word “plane” before the plane shape. After that, the flexible circuit board may use the rigid circuit substrate as a carrier to develop into a circuit substrate with patch patch. Due to simpler processing technology, easier quality control, longer service life, higher colors and brightness, tend to replace faster processing technology. SMD LED light strip FPC or PCB board, SMD LED and high -quality silicone. It has excellent waterproof performance, and the use of low -voltage DC power is safe and convenient. Various light and light; outdoor use has the advantages of ultraviolet aging, yellow change, and high temperature resistance. This product is widely used in the accurate decoration and lighting of building contour lights, entertainment facilities, and advertising decoration.

When the LED lamp bar moves normally, the support of the plug is required. Usually, the problem of using the tape is mainly the plug. Therefore, the installation quality of the LED light bar plug is very important. The installation method of the plug is LED light bar. Today, the LED light belt factory prepares preventive measures for installing the LED light with a plug. Please refer to it.

1. The wires of the light bar confirm whether the wires of the port are roughly flat as the port. The twisting of the LED lamp band may cause the lamp band wires to slide relative to the external plastic parts. When there are a lot of wires on the port port from the port, the lamp strap is directly inserted into the plug. It is easy to be short -circuited. At this time, trim the wires from the port. free. For too much cutting, the instrument will be severely cut off. Please pay attention to the cut line on the back. Please do not cut off the rings of the lamp beads and the lamp belt. Be sure to pay attention to the internal wiring of the light bar. After cutting, connect the plug to light the light bar.

2. Use a plug to open the plastic cover of the LED light. If the lid of the light bar is not turned on, it is difficult for experts to connect correctly, so please don’t be too troublesome.

3. Use the wire of the light bar to make the light bar at the light bar.

4. Insert the plug and check whether the light bar is connected correctly. If all light strips are on, congratulations. When the LED light bar is completely extinguished, it means that there is no connection. One part of the LED light strip is on, and the other part of the LED light bar is turned off. The LED light bar does not glow in the middle of the middle. If the 1 meter and after the 1 meter do not glow, it can only indicate that the plug is not connected correctly.

5. Confirm that all LED light bars are turned on and cover the lid.

6. Then, install the LED light bar.

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